Within our Chapter, TO SHARE makes us better and brings more joy.

Do you have proficiencies you can offer? We’re looking for reliable thoughtful freethinkers throughout upstate New York, and via remote virtual support, who will bring skills to help our communities thrive locally free from religion.

Please contact us today to support any of the following opportunities:

New York State laws and legal expertise with Corporate or 501(c)(3) management and help with violations of religion in New York State government.

Bookkeeping and accounting with online Quickbooks and Google spreadsheets

Techies, are you proficient (or an astute learner) in any of the following? Google docs – editing; WordPress website blog posting; Database management (e.g., Mailchimp, CRM, library systems, other)

Event planning expertise to gather our Chapter participants for our local ongoing and annual Chapter gatherings.

Event Support to pick up and set up ready-made food items. Another important job is welcoming people as they arrive. Easy stuff and just once a month!

Higher Education connections and knowledge and involvement with encouraging students, aligning support groups with academic achievement, and support our college student Chapter participants.

Website testing Our website support needs people to provide ongoing feedback to improve its functionality and layout. If you don’t have time for formal testing, but you provide feedback about something broken here, by contacting us just once, then bam, you just volunteered! Thanks.

Website writing and editing. You can copy/paste and provide red-lined edits and email us—please go right ahead and help make our message clearer. We welcome your free thoughts about freethought.

Research Upstate NY freethought history in your region to find prominent historical freethinkers, local violations, and previous FFRF actions that have been in your area.

Tabling to help us to table at local events. This is a 2-4 hour time commitment.

Photographer: We are looking for a volunteer (or two) to attend our events and take awesome photos!

Help with local invocations. Are you organized? We are seeking a volunteer to assist with organizing our efforts and finding new ones.

Do you have skills that you feel are underutilized or you just want to help where needed? Then email us today and let’s help our Chapter thrive!

If you help us, even only once, then Upstate New York Freethinkers is grateful. To us, when you help (even in the smallest way, like educating a friend about an event) you become someone who provides expertise to promote freethought and your actions encourage other freethinkers to do the same.

Please know that your local involvement matters and reverberates.

Contact us today to learn more.