What we do

Our MISSION STATEMENT is to challenge entanglement of religion and government and report First Amendment and Establishment Clause violations.

We advocate for the “separation of church and state” as a philosophical and jurisprudential concept for defining political distance in the relationship between religious organizations and the state. We serve as a locus of actions, as individuals and as a community↗, to promote and support the work of FFRF. We embrace social justice through community education, individual activism↗, and secular social events.

OUTLINE of our activities: 

Report violations webpage (e.g., Chicago↗, NJ↗, schools↗, CFFC↗); seek corrected unbiased freethinker synonyms↗

Call meetings/dinners to recruit FFRF members, invite NYS Rep Sheridan Chapin

Organize trips to Gage↗, Ingersoll↗, & Freethought Trail↗ 

Seek proclamations↗ Celebrate Secular Week Of Action↗-Apr National Day of Reason-1st Thursday in May

Participate in Black Pride and other Pride events (e.g., FFRF banner↗)

Host discussions about books, FT Matters↗, FT Radio↗, We Dissent↗, Ask An Atheist↗, CLE courses, and FFRF speakers↗

Outreach to media via Press Releases & newsworthy talking points

Table at Farmers Markets / request tabling supplies from FFRF

Place freethought books↗ (e.g., BN↗, JC↗ BA↗ ALG↗ DB↗ SG↗) in libraries, request a Book Ban Library Talk↗

ORGANIZE CAMPAIGN for each region to collate a list of library↗ branch online request form links. Regional organizer submits book list and follows up for results logged of # requested, # purchased, # on shelf at each branch

Perform secular invocations↗, e.g. Town of Greece vs. Galloway↗, The Guardian↗

Protest fake religious abortion clinics (e.g., National Organization For Women, Reproductive Freedom for All)

Get out the vote w/ partnerships and I’m Secular and I Vote FFRF pins and Represent NY State in another I’m Secular & I Vote campaign↗

Support FFRF’s 501(c)(3) by not engaging the Chapter in any political activities

Support local Secular Student Alliances↗ and school administration college outreach

Partner w/ local humanist, secular, LGBTQIA+, new↗ atheist groups & more allies↗ Map Chapter participants and upstate NY similar to Central FL↗

Connect with AU↗, AA↗ (free resources), AHA↗, CFI↗, SSA↗, SCA↗ & CFE↗, https://www.scientificamerican.com/↗

Rent billboards with FFRF UNYFT websites near 490 churches e.g., FFRF.org/out↗, Chicago Out-Of-The-Closet Campaign↗, Chicago Stop Catholic Clergy Child Abuse↗

Immediately implement FFRF Chapter Bylaws
Apply for an Operational Grant. Create: JOIN FFRF page, PayPal Donation button, FFRF widgets (PodCast, YouTube, music, FB, etc.), Swag Store↗, email marketing, Meetup (e.g., CFFC↗), & social media.

In 2024 , launch Inaugural Update New York Freethinkers Conference 2024. Request a Charitable Grant for one or more of: Energy Efficiency and Weatherization↗, a new Secular Student Alliance, sponsoring a student↗, and/or helping unhoused people. Present accomplishments at the Denver Convention Chapter meeting, ideally bring a new attendee via a Convention Grant.

Seek improvement opportunities for New York State

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