Are you a current student or new grad? Contact us learn about FFRF scholarships, student essay contests, and starting a Secular Student Alliance or atheist student group.

Did you know that SUNY Buffalo is the only higher educations institution that has a secular student alliance in all of New York State? Upstate New York Freethinkers are currently in discussions with Secular Student Alliance East to plan support them and start more alliances.

We help students connect with freethinkers’ socials and atheist student groups, scholarships↗, and be part of FFRF’s student essay contests↗. We support freethinking students who are also part of other student run organizations. For example, racial / social justice groups, feminist groups, LGBTQIA+ groups, and environmental / climate change activist groups.

We’re seeking freethinking contacts among faculty, staff or students at higher education schools to help in the foundation of SSA chapters on their campuses. One way to do this is to help put up Secular Student Alliance flyers and/or yard signs on campuses crossed upstate New York colleges and universities. Contact us to arrange yard signs and flyers.

We are also looking to support the renewal of the Oswego Secular Student Alliance and start alliances at Colgate University in Hamilton NY and Hamilton College in Clinton NY.

Do you want to support freethinking students? Let us know how.